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Rated:  G
Starring the Voices of:  David Spade, John Goodman, Patrick Warburton, Eartha Kitt

    A pompous, egomaniacal South American emperor of a pre-Columbian kingdom finds himself targeted for termination by his power hungry advisor and her rather inept right hand man, but they goof and turn him into a llama instead.

    This was supposed to be another animated, grand epic style Disney musical.  Somewhere along the line, they ditched that idea.  It's predominately a non-musical (except for a couple of songs by Sting and Tom Jones) and it's definitely a non-epic.  Fact is, the story is really rather simple.  And then there's David Spade who basically just plays himself.
    I went into this absolutely positive I was going to hate this movie, that's why I'd avoided seeing it for so long.  I've never been a fan of David Spade.  Truth is, I've always detested him.  Everything about him grates on my every nerve.  Unfortunately, it's really hard for me to hate a movie that makes me laugh this much.  It's totally hip and extremely funny.  

* * * 1/2

Rated:  R
Warnings:  Language, Graphic Violence, Gore, Partial Nudity, Sexual Situations, Adult Themes
Starring:  Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz, Bob Hoskins, Ed Harris

    During WWII, a German sniper is sent to Stalingrad to seek out and destroy a Russian sharpshooter who singlehandedly had killed dozens of German soldiers.

    This is based on the true story of Vassili Zaitsev, who went from being a shepard in the Ural Mountains to becoming one of Russia's most famed war heroes.  Visitors can still see his rifle which is on display at the Stalingrad History Museum.
    It's very interesting for American audiences to see a WWII story from a different perspective and a more international viewpoint.
    The battle scenes are very brutal.  Saving Private Ryan has now become the benchmark for depictions of realism in war movies - now they must all be as graphic if not more so.
    Some of the acting performances are stronger than others, but Jude Law and Ed Harris are both exceptional as snipers playing a deadly game of cat and mouse.

* * *

(Warner Bros)
Starring:  Stephen Seagal, DMX, Isiah Washington, Tom Arnold, Bruce McGill
Rated:  R  (Strong Language, Violence, Gore, Nudity, Sexual Situations, Adult Themes)
    A tough rebellious Detroit cop, transferred to an inner city precinct, begins to expose a web of dirty cops and corruption within the department.

    This is a very typical action vehicle for Seagal.  Alot of action.  Alot of martial arts.  Seagal stoically standing around.
    I've never been able to figure this guy out - for someone who is supposedly so exceptionally proficient in martial arts, he is one of the stiffest personalities onscreen.  And is he capable of cracking a smile?  Guess not because I've never seen one - not even when he's at Tibetan fundraisers.
    Tom Arnold is very funny.  He makes a great sidekick for these touch macho actors - first Schwarznegger and now Seagal.  

* *

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