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    What's new out on home video?  What films are currently in production?  Just what is Hollywood up to?  

    I'm Kathy Kopp, your "cop" on the entertainment beat, here to answer these questions and a few others along the way.  I'll even try to keep you up to date as to what your favorite actors and actresses are up to.  But please, don't expect to see one of those "Who's Doing What to Whom and How Often" kinds of places.  I prefer to leave that up to the "pros" at the National Enquirer.

    For a list of movies go to the Year to Date. From there, you can read the reviews in detail by either clicking on a specific movie or an alpha group.

    There's even a guestbook.  Some interesting people have signed in - you can too and tell us a little bit about yourself.
In the meantime, I'll be seeing you at the box office...